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Information for journalists

Sport psychology is grounded in the fields of research and pratice of German competitive sports. A huge part of the associations inside the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) cooperates with qualified experts taking care of sport psychological needs. The training of mental  performance is standard for the holistic performance progress.
For media representatives and journalists, it is often difficult to keep track with research and practice of sport psychology. Therefore, it yields in principal (what is serious sport psychology?) as well as specific issues (who is an expert in respect of particular areas?). The asp sees itself as a central point of contact for information that concerns further questions regarding sport psychological research and practice.

You will find further information regarding research and practice in performance and health sports among the websites of research, practice and further education.

Central contact for all questions

Anja Kröger
Rettbergstr. 2
49214 Bad Rothenfelde
phone: +49-179 2369649

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16th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Padova, 11.-16. Juli 2022