Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft (BISp)International Society of Sport PsychologyEuropean Federation of Sport PsychologySwiss Association of Sport Psychology (SASP)Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund (DOSB)


Below, you will find all documents (in german language as pdf) that constitute the basis of a executive board resolution and / or a decision of the General Assembly of the asp:

Satzung der asp (Stand 25.03.2021)
Satzung der asp (Stand 26.10.2015)
Satzung der asp (Stand 9.1.2015)
Satzung der asp (Stand 2005)
Satzung der asp (Stand 1987)
Satzung der asp (Stand 1970)

Statement I
Selbstverständnis der Sportpsychologin/des Sportpsychologen - the view of sport psychologists itself in Germany

Statement II
About the cumulative habilitation - kumulativen Habilitation

Statement III
Ethische Leitlinien - ethical standards regarding sportpsychological support and counseling

Guidelines of the Certification Comitee (resolution of executive Board,4th of may, 2016 )

Guidelines of ethical behavior as sport psychologist (resolution of General Assembly, may, 2016)

Cooperation agreements

Kooperationsvereinbarung dvs - asp 1989
Kooperationsvereinbarung ÖBS - SASP - asp (5th of May, 2016)

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16th European Congress of Sport and Exercise Psychology

Padova, 11.-16. Juli 2022