An outline of asp

The German Association of Sport Psychology (ASP) represents sport psychologists of the Federal Republic of Germany in areas concerning university aspects and extrauniversity aspects. ASP was founded in 1969. At the moment it consists of about 250 members. Conferences on topics concerning sport psychology are held annually. The managing comittee is elected by the members every two years. For the actual election period Prof. Jörn Munzert, Giessen, is in the chair of the managing comittee. ASP cooperates with the following psychological and sport science institutions:

Goals and purposes

The goal of the association is the promotion and further development of sport psychology through research, teaching and application. ASP pursues the following tasks in particular: The study-group pursues only objectives which are of benefit to the public in accordance with the paragraph "tax-deductible purposes" of the tax law. ASP is a non-profit organization. Possible profit can only be used only for tasks stated in the statutes. ASP members are not allowed to make a profit because of being members or to receive other allowances (sums of money) from the funds of the committee. Imprint - Contact